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Silly-Spirited by PearlyPony Silly-Spirited by PearlyPony
(Wow, having great Internet problems today, will have to re-write this now :iconlll-plz: )

I do realise this isn't too artistically awesome, so I imagine I will move it to Scraps sometime (even if it's in the Spirit Day category for now, so who knows how that is supposed to work? :shrug: )

The African violets somehow turn out blue rather than violet or purple with my camera, so ha ha, that is rather silly, but at least they still glisten quite similarly to Toboggan (an MLP pony). The tinier pony is an MLP Breezie pony. Now I must go and PRUNE that plant which is so big compared to the last time I actually picked up that pot :XD: Prunes are quite purplish or plum, so that's good for a purple day, right? Well it's past midnight here, I admit, but it's still Spirit Day on dA :slow:

PS. Seriously, I know this isn't a top-quality upload. I DO know. It's more a bit of playful fun. And yes I also despise bullying :X

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hydraequus Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Flowers and Ponies! :heart: Lovely photos dear! :love:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013   General Artist
Ha ha ha :love: Thank you. And for your fave ;) It's silly stuff, I suppose I really should move it to my scrapbook.
SomersetRaven Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so pretty, your camera picked up great detail in the violet! :love: Someday when I have a job and money I'm getting a tattoo on my arm of blue and purple flowers and a violet is definitely gonna be included :D
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012   General Artist
Aw thanks so much, sweetheart :glomp: :iconhorseglompplz: I do like how it picks up the sparkly elements of the violet. Wow, to think you want a violet included in a tatt, hehe, cool. I'd never be able to tattoo myself (or get someone else to tattoo me :lol: ) but I hope you'll get exactly what you love if/when you do it :D I know you have ear-piercings too and the only one I ever had (when I didn't even choose it!!) happened when I was a small kid and I refused to let them do the second ear, so I only have a single closed hole now, which was never ever used :phew: But I know some people obviously like piercings :D Thank you again and also for your other comments/replies :hug::hug: I actually have just read my messages NOW, since submitting my journal. I get nervous about what people will say, so yeah, then I avoid looking at messages sometimes, for a coupla days or even longer. Seeing as I tend to say such difficult things at times and then I suppose most people just think it's best to rather say nothing in response, :icondignitylaughplz: No surprise, I guess. This is an art site, not a deep, intense 'vent' site ;p Obviously some people do still get lots of responses to their vents and such, but usually those are artists with popular art and so on :D I did read your journal about your dream by the way!! I'll go and write a reply under there now, but I admit I didn't know what the meaning of it was :lmao:
SomersetRaven Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D I already have one, a treble clef with 2 stars on my forearm but the flowers will be a cover-up for that one, I like the design alright although as I was 18 at the time and I'm 22 now I've kinda grown out of it a bit, but I didn't do my research on artists and it's really faded with patches of colour missing and wonky lines. :( The importance of research. Where I'll get the next one I know has experience with cover-ups, is very good with clients, I've seen his work first-hand and he's very professional on his Facebook page :)

Piercings... I've got 4 in each ear. It was 4 in my left and 3 in my right for a long time where one went wrong and had to close over but I recently got it re-done. I would like a couple of cartilage ones but my ears are bad healers plus as they did my lobe with a gun I can't guarantee my local piercing place would use a needle for the cartilage and I don't want any damage. I may get my nose done someday but I'm not sure. :shrug:

Personally I think piercings should be left until kids are old enough to know what they are and can choose to have them and have been asking for a while so you know it's not a fad. I think my first ones were when I was 8 but they wouldn't heal so they closed over and were re-done aged 9 I think... :?

I think among the 'popular' artists in particular and mostly in the equine community rant about things a bit too much. Especially concerning the HARPG and it's rules. You get rants about breeds, tracing, the use of linearts etc. Makes me glad I'm not really involved :XD:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012   General Artist
I wonder if I had actually read something on your page about you already having a tattoo, hmmm, maybe. Sorry if I half-forgot. I just remember when I wrote that, something niggled at me that you might already have at least one. Ah but I'm sorry it faded like that and such :( At least you CAN get it covered up later then, cool :hug:

(I really am sorry that I take so long to reply to my messages at times :( ) Wow, hectic to have so many piercings in your ears, impressive as well :lol: Ooh yeah be careful with what you choose then, you must look after those tender ears :D I tend to have to blow my nose kinda regularly, so I think it wouldn't even cross my mind to have a nose-piercing. That would just make my nasal issues even more complex :lol: What is it that makes you want to get piercings? It's something I still can't relate to even though nearly everyone does it :D I think I must just be incredibly sensitive in terms of making at changes or whatev to my body though I would love to lose weight, sure :lmao: I mean as long as it doesn't mean I become more sickly. Strangely some thinner people can be quite sickly, but maybe that's just when they TOO thin. Still I guess some of us should be fleshier than others.

I totally agree with you though, that piercings should be left till kids are old enough to choose for themselves. In a way, some may feel that even a two-year-old may be able to indicate that she wants ear-rings like her mother has, for instance, though. As you say though, wait to make sure it isn't a fad, yes. Perhaps they'd be okay with stick-ons. Perhaps not at 2 or 3 when you're not even supposed to give kids toys with small parts though :lol:

Forgive me for answering only this message now :slow: Maybe later tonight I'll manage more. :glomp: Take care, okay?! :salute:
SomersetRaven Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know I can't remember myself but I probably did mention it somewhere on my page :XD:

:) That's quite alright, you always leave such good comments when you do that I don't mind if they take a while :hug:

:nod: It's been a couple of months or so now and I thought my ear was healed but it's gone a bit bad again, bleeding and is generally a bit sore. So it's definitely made me think that I'm gonna wait a good long while before I get any more piercings, if I get any more. That is a good point about nose-blowing though, I get hayfever in the summer, and spring, and autumn. Winter is just regular colds :giggle: As for why I like them... I don't really know, it's that extra spark of personality, though with piercings people do tend to go a bit over the top at times. E.g. [link]

I think with a lot of little kids it's fascination because earrings dangle. My mum had hers ripped out by a friend's kid once and she said I used to play with hers when I was younger :XD: not quite as forcefully though :lol: I remember I had stick on earrings when I was young and instead of using them on me (they kept falling off) I would stick them on my My Little Ponies and give them earrings :giggle:

I think tattoos are definitely more my thing, I have so many ideas. There's the flowers cover-up, a tiger, an owl, a dragon, a snake, a lizard, a phoenix, a horse, some writing, an anatomical heart, something Dr Who, something Labyrinth and probably others. For a lot of them though I want to lose weight first so they don't distort. I'm currently a UK size 26 and I want to be around a size 16. Still curvy but a lot slimmer than I am.

I hate it when people look too sickly. My old best friend looking back at photos was really thin and kind of ill looking. It's possible she may have had an eating disorder or something though, she was really funny about food (she had to have ketchup on everything - even roast dinner) and she wore thick jumpers all the time, I don't remember ever seeing her without one...

That's quite alright :hug: and I will :)
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012   General Artist
How is your ear doing? Sorry it started bleeding again and was sore. I hope it isn't any more? And how's your bruised shoulder?

Aww so you get hayfever. I think probably a lot of people battle with the air (or things in it), sensitive noses and such. Hope that changes for us sometime! I like how you explained it though, twas funny ! :XD:

Haha that was funny, the pic of the person with so many piercings :faint: Actually it wasn't so much the number of them, but the positioning :D

Ouch, that sounds like a painful experience your mum had with a kid ripping her earring/s out! Yes, the dangling nature and perhaps sparkliness must be attractive to kids (and others!) Ah I'm sure your ponies didn't mind those stick-on earrings :D

Well you deserve to get your wish coming true, of being slimmer :nod: Either way, you're a very special person and you DO matter :huggle:

Oh gosh, yeah, some people do love adding something like ketchup to everything :XD: I don't often add a sauce to a meal, especially not a home-made one, unless I put it into the pot as part of what I'm cooking. There are exceptions though, but I also don't like to oversalt things or add much pepper. I like mayonnaise with a few things, I rarely use tomato sauce. Occasionally a sweet chilli sauce and also very occasionally mustard. I like tomatoey food in a many instances, but not too keen on tomato sauce/ketchup, though with scrambled egg or omelette, can be good. So you lost touch with your thick-jumpers friend? Sounds like you picked up she had some kind of problem, that's too bad :/

SomersetRaven Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's been alright since :fingerscrossed: I think at some point I definitely need to get some earrings with a wider opening so it's got space to breathe but what I'm wearing is all I had since I got rid of a load of old ones - there were a fair few odd ones, and ones that had discoloured. My shoulder's doing a lot better now as well, it's sore when I touch it but it doesn't hurt when I move now which is what it was doing the first few days, so that's good :D

Yep the dreaded hayfever. I did think I had it at the moment but hayfever for me only usually lasts about 2 days whereas this has been about 3, the level of sneezing is different too so I think I've got a proper cold. Right on Christmas as well :roll: that is usually me though, if I get ill it's on Christmas. I had flu a few years back and I had a sick type bug once as well, typical :lol:

The placement is a little bit odd, the way they go all round the line of the mouth, I can imagine the cheek ones could be a lot of hassle, food getting caught round and suchlike. Yeah I think it was pretty painful for her, she's still got the scars :( even though I used to play with her earrings she said I preferred pulling her hair :giggle: it used to be down to her shoulders, thick almost black and curly, so to stop me she cut it short and it's been like that ever since. Though now she colours it the same purple colour I use to cover up the grey :D

I should think the ponies liked it though. Particularly Cherries Jubilee and BeachBall, they were punks, CJ had a mohawk and short tail and BeachBall was a skinhead, she had no hair at all :XD: I bought a lot of my ponies at car boot sales and suchlike so they often weren't in the best condition :giggle:

Aww thank you :hug: I don't really do sauce much. Only cheese sauce in my pasta, broccoli, cheesey bake thing, bolognese sauce on spaghetti (though it's mashed up and watered down slightly so there's no hard lumps and it's not as strong, for years I didn't like it at all), I have salad cream on cheese sandwiches, mint sauce very occasionally on roast dinner and tomato sauce only on hot dogs. We never use pepper, only a pinch of salt in some things and a pinch of sugar in others.

Yeah, she moved to Oxford with her mum when we were about 10 or 11, they cam to visit a couple of times and occasionally we'll get birthday and Christmas cards. We shared the same birthday. I've tried looking her up on Facebook but she either doesn't have it or she's under a different name. :(
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013   General Artist
How are you piercings holding up now? And is your shoulder fine? :hug::iconcomfortplz: Good luck with finding the most suitable earrings are well :heart: And your cold? Did you get over that? Oops, often sick on Christmas :hmm: Owwie. :iconsympathyplz:

Oh no, so your mum still has scars from the earring incident too :noes: Shame on you, pulling your mother's hair like that!! :no: Haha, wow, so you inspired a permanent hairstyle transition in her :giggle: Wow, purple :XD: My hair is so fine that it would all fall out if I dyed it, I'm sure :cries:

Haha, thanks for the info on your ponies :love: Adorable!

Mmmm cheese sauce :drool: I do love cheese sauce unless it's very badly made. I like spaghetti bolognese, but I usually prefer it a little sweet. The first time I had it with cheese was at university where they gave you grated cheese with it in the dining hall, quite often we had that meal! So I've had it with cheese since then as well. Gosh, I haven't cooked spaghetti in so long actually, I usually have the ready-made stuff. Woolworths here has a slimmer's one which is actually tastier and nicer than the regular one, quite weird, but good :D

I haven't had mint sauce often, but yes it can be nice with roast :D Oh and yes, hot dogs require tomato sauce :love: I would probably add some mustard too.

Oh what a shame, not being able to find someone - even had the same birthday. There are lots of people I'm out of touch with right now, I knew so many people, and I do miss some, especially in the odd moments when I really just think back to when I knew them. let's just keep carrying for now and hope for far better days later :hug:
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Honeykitten Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awh, this is such beautiful photos, Mel, I love them! :love:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012   General Artist
Yay, thanks so much, Emz! :iconpoohplz::iconhumlaplz::iconlainloveplz:
SANU-CHAN Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a beautiful flower O: (And ponies. I like the bigger one <3)
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012   General Artist
Thanks, hon :iconblushyplz:
The bigger one (Toboggan) is one I specifically bought (she also has a lovely long cool winter cap, for example). The other one came with a different pony called Cherry Blossom (the size of Toboggan, so a lot bigger than the little one) as well as a musical hot air balloon they both fit into. I don't have any other ponies like that tiny one and she's usually with a blue-haired fairy these days :D They suit each other size-wise, as buddies.
Hanna-Riikka Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012   General Artist
This is so sweet! :aww:
The thought counts too so so what if it's not artistically perfect? Except that I think this is very nice combination, both positioning and colors. :)
Lovely ponies!
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012   General Artist
Thank you, Hanna :hug:
YorkshireTea Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist
This is too cute.

Oh, and extra points for using one of the original ponies! :)
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012   General Artist
Aww thank you, Yorkie-san :bow: :hug::iconhyperplz:
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